6 Tips from a Newborn Mum that Sleeps!

As a mum of two, I’ve clocked up many hours of settling and resettling my little ones back to sleep! Especially when they are sick or we’re away from home. Having just had Baby Number Two, it was a great achievement that our private midwife greeted me at our discharge visit with “You look like a mum whose baby sleeps!”

A mum holding a toddler and a newborn

Do you know why she said that?


Having supported Baby Number One through colic and reflux during the newborn phase, it was such a relief for me to see another side of this “New Born Bubble” that only new parents can understand. The difficulties were just not there this time around and I really enjoyed our night feeds and the rhythm we were creating together!

It got me thinking that there are so many new mums out there who get caught up in the emotions of their little one joining their family — that they rarely think to dedicate some time to understanding newborn sleep and soothing techniques BEFORE their bundle of joy arrives — making it that much harder to put in practice when the sleep deprivation (among all the other challenges of newborn parent life) sets in!

A baby in a cot

So here are my TOP 6 TIPS for newborn mums to get better sleep!

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Tip #1 -Try to stay calm

I know — easier said than done. Especially for First Time Mums, you wake at every sound and movement (or lack of) worried every second of every day and night that something horrible might happen. But mama — you’ve got this! Trust yourself — your awesome parenting skills are going to shine at many moments of your precious one’s life. Including the skill of rational thinking and responses during this newborn phase! Beware of social media groups and google — this isn’t always the best way to get trusted advice and support — especially something that's going to help you stay calm!

A mother playing with her baby

Tip #2 — Know and implement the safe sleep guidelines

This is SUPER important — in Australia, we look to our friends at Red Nose Australia to provide current evidence-based guidelines for newborns and infants in all-things-sleep.

If you’re following the guidelines — this goes a long way to staying calm aka Tip Number 1!

A photo collaboration of Red Nose and As They Grow

Tip #3 — Invest in some quality white or pink noise

There are tons of apps, playlists, and devices out there to choose from. Stay clear of soundtracks that contain ads because you better believe they’re going to wake (you or) your little one before their sleep cycle finishes! Choose something that has a decent length so the noise doesn’t stop mid-way through a nap which can also contribute to early waking. White noise and pink noise are both great options, pink noise supposedly is more naturally occurring sound waves in life and promises that sleep is better protected in duration than white noise. But you be the expert!

A mum holding a sleep aid with pink noise feature

Tip #4 — Sleep when the baby sleeps!

Yes that ol’ saying — but in the Newborn Bubble — those 2–3 hourly cycles of feeding, burping, playing, nappy changes, and sleeping come round super fast and it is best to take as many opportunities to squeeze in some naps where you can so you don’t burn yourself out 24/7.

A 7 week old baby sleeping with pacifier

Tip #5 — Use an eye mask

A nice cotton or silk eye mask can do wonders to the overall quality of your sleep by blocking out light. I have multiple floating around the house and reach for them whenever an opportunity for some quality Zzzz’s arises!

A mother wearing an eye mask while sleeping

Tip #6 — Use devices sparingly at night

If you have to use a device overnight for feeds, use sparingly or download an app that takes out the artificial light that contributes to sleep disturbances. I love the Twilight app and have it automatically turn on my phone at sunset and turn off at sunrise. This simple trick means if I need to use my phone overnight to keep me awake during night feeds, I know the artificial light is blocked by the app and I can return to sleep relatively easily.

A clock


Obviously, if your little one has colic, reflux, or any other underlying issue, it's going to make sleep difficult for both of you. Seek help and support from your health professionals and trust your gut mama! You’ve got this!

Try out these hot 6 tips and improve your sleep as a newborn mum today!!!

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear “You look like a mum whose baby sleeps!” from someone you know?

Kylie x

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Kylie Izquierdo

Kylie Izquierdo

I am a mum, clinician and Infant & Child Sleep Consultant that helps exhausted mums get better sleep by helping their little one sleep through consistently.